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Fully Electric Horizontal Drilling Rig HDD80-E

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The HDD80-E rig will open up numerous opportunities

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May 13 2023

The construction industry is changing tremendously as the requirements for safety and efficiency are constantly increasing.

The issue of environmental protection is particularly gaining in importance. As a result MAX STREICHER developed the fully electric HDD-rig HDD80-E.

The system is much quieter than comparable models, due to the electric drive technology. It offers clear advantages in noise reduction for residential areas and nature reserves as well as for operating personnel working directly in the vicinity of the system. In addition, the system can be powered from the public power grid either in its entirety or in part by auxiliary energy supply. Its integrated energy storage makes it possible to activate and use stored energy at any given moment. The system is furthermore far less maintenance-intensive than models with a combustion engine.

A further highlight is the new, unique operating concept of the HDD80-E. A large 19'' touch panel simultaneously displays the system status and all relevant drilling parameters. The system’s various innovative automatic functions collect all parallel drilling data independently to facilitate human operation while running its extensive anti-collision system.


Higher efficiency due to energy recovery and storage of braking energy
CO2-emission reductions because of fully electric drive system
Making drilling possible in high protection areas due to minimised noise pollution
Flexible reaction to project-specific requirements and due to power supply via the public power grid or alternative energy sources
HDD80-E can be moved, manoeuvred and erected with the power of the integrated battery and by using the remote control, that is why an optimal field of vision for the operator is guaranteed
Facilitated operability with a lot of well-conceived automatic functions and later analysis of the drilling hole possible based on the acquisition of drilling data
Prevention of damage through integrated anti-collision system (automatic stop)
Future-proof - through preparation for further digitization and with regard to the choice of energy sources
Reduction of operating, service and maintaining costs
Currently available only in a limited number units


Sustainability CO2 & noise emission reductions because of fully electric drive system, resulting in green jobsite footprint
Certification CE certificated HDD-rig
Safety Damage prevention due to integrated anti-collision system
Cost Lower maintenance, operation and service costs
Areas of application Crossing of streets, rivers or other obstacles in various kinds of geologies
Digitalisation A lot of well-conceived automatic functions including a later analysis of the drilling data
Accuracy Well developed steering technologies result in high accuracy

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Due to the business sectors Pipelines and Plants, Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering as well as Raw and Construction Material, MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA with its headquarters in Deggendorf is quite diversified. When the company was established in 1909, STREICHER focused exclusively almost on road construction. Now, STREICHER is an internationally operating company, which employs about 4,000 people in approx. 30 locations.

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